Ankle Insurance Sold by Kobe Bryant!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I almost choked when I saw this!! I had to share it. Some of ya'll better cop some of the shoes or that Insurance from Kobe cuz I'll be at your nearest court in a couple of months...

Wanna check Inspection Scores for your favorite Public places, check below!! You will never guess the results

Health inspection scores provided by the Chatham County Health Department. For questions about the scores, contact the department at (912) 356-2160.

Select multiple items in the "Category" and "Recent Score" lists by pressing Control (Ctrl) on your keyboard while making selections. Entering partial names (such as "Broughton St" or "Port Wentworth") in the address field will yield results.

Business nameAddress

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Source: Georgia Dept. of Human Resources

Dame Dash ain't broke!!! Here is Dame & Mike Epps gettin @ each other...Who Won??

Lil Wayne brings The Hot Boys & Mannie Fresh out at "I am Music" Tour in New Orleans

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drop the Reunion Album Already!!!!!!!!

Jim Jones - Prey IV Reign Album Cover

I hope Jimmy smashes out a banger. It's gonna be kinda hard without MAX B though.

I knew 2009 was gonna be a good year! PS3 Price drop in April!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13, 2009 6:37 am

Would you buy an 80GB PS3 for just $300? Would a $100 price drop have swayed you to nab a PS3 in lieu of an Xbox 360 or Wii over the holidays? Does the prospect of $300 Blu-ray playback make you swoon even a little?

Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter gazes into his crystal ball and says a $100 drop will happen this April, a move that will allow sales of the device to "once again begin to grow."

What's more, he think Microsoft could drop the Xbox 360 Pro's price from $300 to $250 around E3 2009 this summer, helping stave off market contraction as the overall economy struggles to recover (Pachter thinks concerns about waning consumer demand are "overblown").

Don't look for official confirmation on any of this, of course. Confirming price drops four to six months out would be intermediary sales suicide.

That said, if Sony does drop the PS3's pricing to $300 and its notable 2009 exclusives, e.g. Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, MAG, EyePet, Nobi Nobi Boy, God of War 3, and the one I'm most excited about, Uncharted 2, turn out to be as good as we're hoping, we could be having a very different discussion about console demographics this time next year.

PC World

Da Big Homie Screwww - Playin wit Fire


Hellaflow And Corporate Thugz Ent Present Da Bigg Homie Screwww - As Real As It Gets (Hosted By Bigga Rankin) SAVANNAH STAND UP!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's been out for a week or so, but I was tryin to get the official "OK" from the big homie. I guess I ain't "official" yet. It's all good though. I'll still put on for my city. Hopefully, I'll get the head nod when "Da Georgia Plug" drops. FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW!!!

[01]-as real as it gets ft. bigga rankin [01:33]
(intro) - prod. by big hurt
[02]-blood sweat tears - prod. by frazier [02:16]
[03]-down for tha cause ft. bloodraw - [03:56]
prod. by ckp
[04]-me and my niggas - prod. by tigga [02:57]
[05]-nicknames ft. young jeezy - prod. by [02:05]
big phil
[06]-give me my props - prod. by ckp [03:02]
[07]-gettin in tha work ft. mp - prod. by [02:31]
big hurt
[08]-threw me off - prod. by tigga [03:15]
[09]-it was a blessin - prod. by k-mill [02:16]
[10]-ball game ft. bugga aka quartabird - [02:44]
prod. by big hurt
[11]-cherish - prod. by tigga [02:52]
[12]-buy in bulk - prod. by k-mill [03:15]
[13]-work it out - prod. by tigga [02:25]
[14]-og nigga - prod. by big hurt [02:39]
[15]-food chain ft. mila da babymama - [02:25]
prod. by tigga
[16]-so serious - prod. by k-mill [03:50]
[17]-streets fucked up - prod. by ckp [02:54]
[18]-tossin turnin [02:47]
[19]-wanna rob screwww - prod. by ckp [02:09]
[20]-me and my chick - prod. by tigga [03:09]
[21]-outro [00:49]
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Who is Charles Hamilton?? LOL @ High School seems like years ages ago

This Kid had a pretty creative video. Mr. Hamilton had it on his blog. He thought it was pretty funny and so do I. "All press is good press kid...." We gonna use this to our advantage...

True Religion Stepping into the Sneaker Game...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just saw these my self. Some of you true true sneaker heads may bash me cuz of how late i am, but I dont cop kicks like how i used to. Anyway here is the pic. Decent price for True Religion $180

R.I.P Oscar Grant...Crooked Police...This is why I stay my black ass in the house...

This whole scene is lookin too familiar to me(No pun intended)....

Its good that we came out and protested because something has to be done about this. But there always has to be few out of the bunch that act a fool. I hope ya'll know how to act next week at the inauguration.

Joe Budden admitting Fabolous beat his ex- girl years back.........

I wonder who gave this girl a job. There at the Padded Room listening session. I've been hearing good things about the album. Can we get the big mike mixtape info soon.......

OJ da Juiceman Interview

Can this kid move any units???? I mean, he gotta give us more than 1 banger. He wit Gucci and I know yall niggas in the south like him.....

Jadakiss Ft. Faith Evans - Letter to B.I.G[WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC VIDEO]

Support the Wallace Family and go and see Notorious in the movies this friday.

Young Dro & Yung LA - Black Boy Swag White Boy Tags

I told ya'll it was droppin, so I figured I would put it out for yall to download. If anyone has questions downloading just ask.

01.Intro [01:04]
02.Take Off [03:57]
03.Ain't I (Remix) [04:52]
04.Freestyle [01:45]
05.Dro Speaks [00:53]
06.Rats [03:41]
07.Woah [03:41]
08.36 O's [04:27]
09.Dro Speaks [00:34]
10.Up Through There (Remix) [02:42]
11.Shower [03:45]
12.All The Money [03:50]
13.Yung LA Drop [00:21]
14.Party [02:50]
15.Blessing [03:52]
16.Black Boy White Boy [02:53]
17.Yung LA Drop [00:37]
18.So Futuristic [02:49]
19.Dro Speaks [00:15]
20.Green Light Freestyle [01:43]
21.Excuse Me [05:27]
22.Who Got Strong Freestyle [02:06]
23.We In This Thing [03:57]
24.The Truth [04:04]
25.Dro Speaks [00:24]
26.Turn This Thang Around [02:37]
27.Dro Speaks [00:27]
28.Still Selling Drugs [03:05]
29.Dro Speaks [00:35]
30.Bonus [03:54]
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