[VIDEO] Young Jeezy Welcomes Home Michael Vick

Saturday, August 8, 2009


[VIDEO] J Futuristic (AKA J Money) - 1st Name, Last name(Behind the Scenes)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

[VIDEO] Travis Porter - I'm a Differenter 2 Mixtape Release Party @ Club Libra in ATL

I heard it was goin down. A whole lot of big names in the building...

[VIDEO] J Money changes his name to J Futuristic. Interview w/ Msrivercity

[VIDEO] Yung LA talks New Album & Futuristic Swag

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[AUDIO] DJ Teknikz, DJ Scream & Tity Boi - All Ice on Me (2 Disc)

Disc 1
1. Tryn Feat D Hustle (Prod. By Big Hurt)
2. Rich Man's World Feat I 20
3. Never
4. Hold Up (Playaz Circle)
5. Alot Of Hoes (Prod. By Dj Spinz)
6. End Of The Line (Interlude)
7. 24/7 (Prod. By Mike Will)
8. Lean Freestyle
9. Heavy Wrist Activity
10. All Ice On Me (Interlude)
11. Pimps Feat. Bun B (Prod. By Big Hurt)
12. Sak Right (Playaz Circle) (Prod. By Big Hurt)
13. Pussy Rehab Playaz Circle Feat Gucci Mane
14. Album On The Way
15. Winnin' Feat Cap 1 (Prod. By Big Hurt)
16. I Been Rich Feat D Hustle
17. Car Go Fast (Prod. By Big Hurt)

Disc 2
01. Tity Boi - All Ice On Me Intro

02. Tity Boi - On Tour (Prod. By Big Hurt)

03. Tity Boi - Trickin Off Feat M Beezy (Prod. By Mike Will)

04. Tity Boi - Hottest In The City (Prod. By Wonder)

05. Tity Boi - Hold Up (Playaz Circle)

06. Tity Boi - I Lean Feat Dolla Boy & Short Dogg (Prod. By Big Hurt)

07. Tity Boi - Trap Check Interlude

08. Tity Boi - Steady Mobbin Feat Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane

09. Tity Boi - Hood Shyt (Prod. By Big Hurt)

10. Tity Boi - Pocket Full Of Money Feat Rocko (Prod. By Big Hurt)

11. Tity Boi - Cant Wait (Playaz Circle) (Prod. By Big Hurt)

12. Tity Boi - Swimming Feat Cap 1 (Prod. By Big Hurt)

13. Tity Boi - Playaz Circle Feat Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne - Stupider Remix (Prod. By Big Hurt)

14. Tity Boi - Walk It Feat Cap 1(Prod. By Big Hurt)

15. Tity Boi - Stay Down Till We Come Up Outro

16. Tity Boi - Streets Bought Me

17. Tity Boi - May I Take Your Order

[AUDIO] Drake Ft. Lil Wayne & Nutt da Kidd - Stunt Hard (NO DJ)

This was on a couple mixtapes...but I personally never had the NO DJ version. I thought I would share it with y'all. I Love this Track. All three Artist GO IN!!

Drake Ft. Lil Wayne & Nutt da Kidd - Stunt Hard (NO DJ)

[VIDEO/AUDIO] J Futuristic(aka J Money) & Da Great Yola talk about New Mixtape...2 NEW tracks!!

Here are two tracks(NO DJ) off of the new mixtape J Futuristic has w/ DJ Drama coming soon...

J Futuristic - Sauce

J Futuristic - Deep Cover

[VIDEO] Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3 (Cover/Interview w/ Jay-Z)


VIA: Jblaque Myspace Page

Check out some of his tracks...
To most J Blaque (born John L. Wright Jr) may be just another fresh face on the rap scene driving on his way to reach the mainstream. Growing up on Savannah Georgia's south side, music soon became his outlet. Music was his engine to express his life and struggles through musical poetry. He is quickly becoming one of the south's most noteworthy up and coming artists. Many state J Blaque to be one of the south's most underrated hip hop artists and he is currently making waves throughout the low country of Georgia. J Blaque's music is setting the standard of southern hip hop. His music is set with real life focus and motivation for his listeners. With a current fan base that reaches from Savannah to Atlanta, this young rapper is definitely on his grind. With several underground hit singles to his name (“I got it on Lock” and “City by the Sea”) he is following in the foot steps of many successful rappers before him. He inspired by Tupac and Ludacris. He states, “Their creativity inspires me, they aren't your basic rappers, talking about shooting and killing, they are giving rap music depth.” He has opened for Trick Daddy, Mims, Rich Boy, Young Dro and Boyz N the Hood to name a few. This young artist is destined for greatness. Remember his name.

Jblaque - Dollar after Dollar

Jblaque - Get what I want

Jblaque - Intentions

Jblaque - Day in the Life

[VIDEO] Chris Brown does a special guest Performance w/ Lil Wayne & Young Money on America's Most Wanted Tour!! Dances to MJ's "Bille Jean"!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lil Wayne says Chris Brown is the new Michael Jackson...U be the Judge...

[FREE DOWNLOAD] DJ Teknikz & Travis Porter - I'm a Differenter 2

Sunday, August 2, 2009

...and if you haven't seen the trailer for the Black Boy, White Boy Video...