[VIDEO] Joe Budden.TV - Drake Edition (Drizzy is everywhere!!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1st, I would like to say how much I would love to see a Mouse and Drizzy collabo. Drake is taking over the game. He literally took ova NYC for a wk. In the studio with Young Hov now on Joe Budden.TV If you live in the Georgia Area Do Remember Drake is coming to Georgia Southern May 1st. I will defintely be there.

[AUDIO] Ms. Porsh - Dot Dot Dot x Lust for the Misses

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ms. Porsh - Dot Dot Dot

Ms. Porsh - Lust for the Misses

[AUDIO Travis Porter ft. J Money - Uhh Huh

Travis Porter ft. J Money - Uhh Huh

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Throwback Thursday: Beanie Sigel & The Aphilliates - Streets is Watchin(Shade45 radio)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 - Beanie Sigel - Return Of The Bad Guy
2 - Cannon Freestyle
3 - Why Wouldn't I
4 - Streets Is Watchin Intro
5 - Adrenaline
6 - 4-5-6
7 - Stop, Chill
8 - Beanie Adresses The Streets
9 - All Eyes On Me
10 - Reservoir Dogs
11 - Man's World
12 - It's On
13 - Problems
14 - Nothing Like It
15 - Beanie Speaks On Classic Albums
16 - Still # 1
17 - Thug About
18 - The Truth
19 - In The Club
20 - Die
21 - On The Run
22 - Outro

Beanie Sigel & The Aphilliates - Streetz is Watching

[VIDEO] Travis Porter & DJ Teknikz - I'm a Differenter Mixtape Trailer

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[VIDEO] Bugga aka Quartabird P.O.W. Mixtape Commercial

I got a tight schedule...My bad for posting the video late...once again. I gotta tighten up if I want to be taken seriously! LOL. Believe me, when I am ready to lock in and be focused. I AM!! Hellaflow holla at me!

[VIDEO] French Montana co-signs The WAVEment!! My Twitter Homies!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Twiggaz @wavystalker @wavefoundation @boxdenfresh @nerdatcooltable. These my dudes on Twitter. We all have about 95% of the same taste in Hip-hop music, etc but grown men agree to disagree sometime. They put in work for Max B & French Montana. See, the internet isnt all bad rappers! ...I Know Im a couple days late putting the Video up, but hey "better late than never". Shout out @marisamendez for getting French to do the video for them boys...(pause)

[VIDEO] Rick Ross - In Cold Blood (Curtis is done!!!)