[FREE DOWNLOAD] Throwback Thursday(3 Days Late): South Bound - Down South Survivors

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Savannah's Own Inferno Records...This dropped back in 2000. I was still in High School.

1. South Bound 2000 (Intro) - South Bound,
2. Rude Awakening
3. Is You Bout Dat
4. Point of No Return
5. Down South Survivin'
6. Jack Boyz
7. Gas Chamber
8. Noid
9. Better Place
10. Pressure on My Mind
11. Last Chance
12. Mind of a Menace
13. Dankweed
14. Westside
15. Outro
South Bound - Down South Survivors

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Throwback Thursday(2 Wks Late): Pastor Troy - We Declare War

1. It's Too Late Now, We Ready!!!
2. No Mo Play in G.A.
3. Stop Tryin
4. Help Me, Rhonda
5. For Survival
6. We Want Some Answers
7. Above The Law
8. Eternal Yard Dash
9. I Declare War !!!!
10. It's On Down Here
11. Livin' Today Thru . .
12. Ain't No Sunshine

[04.04.09 Single Downloads] Beyonce Ft. Kanye West , Memphis Bleek, Vado(Cam's New Artist), Asher Roth ft. Beanie Sigel, and V.I.C. Ft. J Money

Bleek attempting to make a comeback
Memphis Bleek - Lil Young'n

Asher Roth Ft. Beanie Sigel & Rock City - Perfectionist

Beyonce Ft. Kanye West - Ego(rmx)

You might as well say this J Money song...but Mr. Collipark gonna make sure we got some more heat for the summer. V.I.C. got anotha one!!
V.I.C. Ft. J Money - Say Bow

It's Dipset!! What more has to be said...
Vado Ft. Cam'Ron - Talk to Them

[VIDEO] Current.TV: SuperNews - Texting your way to Love! x Trouble with Twitter

Friday, April 3, 2009

I saw this on TV last week and just never thought to put it on the blog until today. CurrentTV always has some educating pods that inspire me to come up w/ so many different ideas once I get straight. As you will see with this one they also have hilarious episodes too!

Believe it or not Twitter is exactly like this. Except the majority of people that use twitter for any actual purpose find that it is very useful. There is a method behind the Madness...

[Movie Poster] Rick Ross - Deeper than Rap (Mini Movie released w/ album)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bawse is bout to kill the game and put the finishing touches on Cuuuurrrrttissss!! G-Unit is done!!!!! Deeper than Rap April 21, 2009

[Album Cover] Cam'Ron - Crime Pays

Here is the Album Art for the Album...It is suppose to drop in May, but no set release date. Tracklist should be released in the Next couple of weeks. I don't want to give out false information cuz Asylum likes to switch sh*t around.

[VIDEO] Lil Duval dedicates a Slideshow to all the people he grew up with

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[VIDEO] Joe Budden.TV: Mouse Co-Signs Drake and talks Marriage w/ Tahiry!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Drake and Lloyd joint is coupe late night music for the summer. If you have been under a rock and haven't heard Drake - "So Far gone"...do yourself a favor and download it immediately! I think I posted it when it dropped so look back in the archive. Also,Joe Budden - Padded Room in stores NOW!!!!!!!!

Ms. Porsh - Still N' Love(R&B) x Day N' Nite (Freestyle)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here's some more Bangers from Ms. Porsh. Lil Mama can spit and sing. All y'all other females need to tighten up!!

Ms. Porsh - Day N' Nite(Freestyle)

Bugga aka Quartabird - Letter to Camoflauge(Dedication over the "Letter to Biggie" beat")

Almost 6 years...Bugga goes in wit this one. Good lookin on the track. Keep doin what u do my ni**a. Shout out to HellaFlow.

Dear Summer...I hope your ready for me!!!

Aight, Summer is coming right around the corner and it's time to step my Sneaker game up. I haven't hit Ya'll wit a Sneaker update in a Min. Due to my financial status for the past couple of months I haven't been able to stay on top of sh*t. I'm not gonna go crazy. I have grown but I still do have a love for Uptowns and Dunks. Only Exclusives will be purchased...ain't sh*t changed!

This is a collaboration between Lupe Fiasco's Trilly & Truly & Nike. Lupe is doin his thing...but only 4 pair of each color way will be released. There is still no release date on these yet but I wouldn'tbe surprised if they come out around the time his mini album come out. Get ya Money up too cuz their going for no less than $2000!!

Gotta have these! Huarache Air Force 1's is serious. I want them just 4 the Colors. They should drop sometime next month. No set release date.

Michael Lau's Crazy Air Force 1's. These were released back before Christmas, but of course they are Limited. If anyone can find them let me know...

Alife Rivington Club & Nike Air Force 1 have collaborated for these Gems. These dropped on March 14th.

The limited edition shoe was created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force sneaker and incorporates Hella Jongerius’ Layers, an embroidered textile designed by Jongerius for Maharam, the special edition Air Force sports shoe will be officially launched at an invitation only event at Moss on April 1st.” Via Limitedhype.

[VIDEO] Young Jeezy - Don't Do it

Probably one of my favorite track off "The Recession"...Helped me through a tough times when I was goin through some thangs, The track is dedicated to my homie Jamo da Hoe. Hold ya Head Homie. Do them 2 days(The Day went in and when you come out)...