Young Dro gearing up to put Grand Hustle on his back. Black/White Boy Mixtape Droppin Soon!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Swag" at its best for 2009...All jokes aside he stay fresh and this goes back to, "Why does a certain rapper have to look a certain way?"

"Polo to the floor, yeah muthafu*ka ain't I"

Charles Hamilton Explainin on MTV...again!!??! And its not his "Brooklyn Girls" video playin

This Kid is really keepin his name in the mainstream. I guess that is the goal right...Just dont crossover too much Mr. Hamilton. Stay True young Jedi!

Common showing us what it is for 2009

Kinda a couple days old but I'm postin it anyway cuz he is in my top 10 dead or alive. I dont care what anyone says common, I liked Universal Mind Control....a little

Nike Air Force 1 2009 All-Star by DJ Clark Kent

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Football season isn't done just yet but I'm ready to get into a sport that is dear and near to my heart which is basketball. Besides, the MVP of the National Football League's team is already out. I still got those guys who reside in the Meadowlands though. Maybe the Cowboys will go after Vick in the off season.
Anyway, here is the Official Nike Air Force 1 for All-Star Weekend. Clark Kent helped put the finishing touches on the design. Its funny how you come from producing tracks on an up and comers album(Jay-Z) to designing sneakers. In addition, this sneaker comes with three sets of laces including the 3M Starks laces seen in the photo above. Look for the 2009 All Star Air Force Ones to jump off in mid February.

Obama got Bulletproof!! Limo can take a hit from Asteroid, and doors lock like a bank vault!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As a candidate, Barack Obama promoted hybrid cars.
Auto enthusiasts have panned the design of the new presidential limo, which will be painted all black.As president, he'll be handed the keys to one. Sort of.

Young Money Artist finally get some shine!!!

Mack Maine will finally get some shine w/ and accomplished DJ. Not sayin he has'nt worked with any accomplished ones before, maybe Wezzy will finally consider droppin his album. I know everything is timing though.This is just the artwork but mixtape should be dropping soon. Young Money ent is makin alot of moves this year.

Asher Roth Ft. Jim Jones - College(rmx)

Capo did the damn thing on this joint. Original song is still a banger. Download the Greenhouse effect mixtape from somewhere....maybe asher's myspace. Anyway here is the song....

Asher Roth Ft. Jim Jones - College(rmx)

Skip Bayless vs. Lil Wayne Espn's 1st & 10: 1/6/09 10am

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'll be a coach potato tomorrow morning.....where ever I'm at.

Camoflague - I Represent 2000(PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY)

I had to take it back. Just Click the Link below. Bangin Album. C-port already know!!!! Hit me up if anyone has any request. Also Leave a comment in the shout Mix box

  1. Ga (Intro)
  2. Weeded Out Lyrics
  3. Bring da Pain
  4. I Represent
  5. Head Bustin
  6. Like You Badd
  7. Let's Get 'Em
  8. Let's Ride
  9. 17 Shots
  10. Do What I Gotta
  11. No Love
  12. Things Gonna Get Better
  13. Playa
  14. From da South
  15. Love da Way You Do Dat
  16. Y'all Don't Want No Drama
  17. Nigga What
  18. Chick

Freeway - Month of Madness(A New Song for a Month straight)

Click on the Link Below for the Album. Philly Frezzer killin the game. It's a shame no recognizes his hard work. Sh*t will pay off soon I can see it...

1. Freeway - Month of Madness
2. Freeway - Everlast
3. Freeway ft. Jake One - Count on Free
4. Freeway - Look Around
5. Freeway - Gonna Get Mines
6. Freeway - I'm Great
7. Freeway - Mindstate Takeover
8. Freeway - Blauh
9. Freeway - Together
10. Freeway - Tell U Something
11. Freeway - Moving Out
12. Freeway - Straight Madness
13. Freeway - I Can Deal With It
14. Freeway - Really Rough Out Here
15. Freeway - Street Music
16. Freeway - Start Wildin
17. Freeway - Doing Anything
18. Freeway - Get it Started
19. Freeway - Rap Spitters (prod. Don Cannon)
20. Freeway - Diesel (prod. Needlz)
21. Freeway - Long Money
22. Freeway - Do it to Death
23. Freeway - There You Go
24. Freeway
25. Freeway ft. Hesikiya - As I Ever Been
26. Freeway ft. James Blunt - When I Die
27. Freeway - I Wanna be Free
28. Freeway - NP Finest
29. Freeway - Bank Rollz (prod. Don Cannon)
30. Freeway - Back For More
*Bonus Track*Freeway ft. Klass - So Cold

"...Jimmy I'ma get you up outta 5H..." --Killa Cam

Man, I can't wait till Dipset gets back together. The good ol' days......

Katt Williams Vs. Steve Harvey New Year's Eve

If you haven't seen "Internet Dating" I recommend checkin out the bootleg man or somethin cuz it has some funny parts. Its good to see Master P isn't down bad. How could be be the man made 400 mil before right?? They need to release this on dvd. I wanna see what Steve Harvey had to say....

"...Though we share a few memories/couple wrong turns will turn a friend into a enemy..." -Joe Budden

Joe should let Ransom be. He is whack anyway. He has no Fan base. You keep puttin him on every time you mention his name. What happened to the big Mike tape???????? Somebody hit me up and let me know when it is suppose to be droppin

Curren$y Still Grindin

The Hot Spitta is still grindin. He hasn't been impressin me as of late. Curren$y is one of my favorite from the new school but...I still think he should have stayed with Young Money. (My Brother gonna kill me for that comment!) Do ya thing though Homie. Shout out to the whole F.S. Jets

"...I took a Gatorade break/to make sure everything straight/now sittin here like 'How much Gatorade make?'(huh?)/..." --Young Jezzy

Wezzy F. Baby is smashin on the gas in the 3rd lane already in 09' w/ this Gatorade commercial. He is starting off big and doesn't seem like he has any intention of slowing down. Be Sure to watch him and skip debate tomorrow on espn. I'll probably post the video. Not sure which one or both is gonna make the networks, but I like this take with the elevator music in the backround.


I'm feelin great. I finally finished this blog site. For the last two weeks during my free time, I've been brain storming ideas on how i can make my blog site unique from every other music "Exclusive" site on the net. I figured fuck it, I'm gonna do this for the people. I'm "puttin on" for my city like Jezzy and Ye'. Every week or whenever i feel like it, I'm gonna post throwback albums(or tracks) from Savannah, GA kats. Also, anyone who wants to partner, advertise, or affiliate with my site just let me know. NEW YEAR, NEW MIND-FRAME, & TRYING TO GET TO THIS NEW FU*KIN' MONEY!!