The Upperclass Men - Vae Victis (Woe to the Vanquished Ones) |VIDEO|

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Upperclass Men's EP "Parachute" should be dropping sometime this Fall.

Kayohes - Journey (Official) |VIDEO|

"Street Stress 2" drops July 31th.

Vita - Another Round |VIDEO|

Remember the Murda Mami Vita from Murda Inc.?? If not, get reacquainted.

NoMalice - Unforgettable |AUDIO|

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NoMalice of the Clipse has released another single from his upcoming mixtape "Hear Ye Him". Check it out!!

Swizz'z World Part. 1 (Discusses Megaupload and why he teamed up with the Company) |VIDEO|

Lord Knows the Internets miss Megaupload. If you are eyelid deep in the Internet shit, you know how much that site meant to everyone. Swizz Beatz talks about his affiliation with the Company.

Iggy Azalea ft. T.I. - Murda Bizness (Official) |VIDEO|

Monday, July 23, 2012

Iggy has been catching alot of hell lately on the Internets, and I bet she is gonna catch some more from this video.  I won't slander Iggy, you can judge her for yourself...

Fabolous ft. Paul Cain - Death in the Family (Official) |VIDEO|

Here is the 2nd video from "There is No Competition 3" in 2 weeks.  "Loso's Way 2" on the way...

2 Chainz ft. KanYe West - Birthday Song |AUDIO|

When I heard about another collaboration between Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz & Ye, I immediately became esstatic.  2 Chainz debut album and the G.O.O.D compilation "Cruel Summer" have move to the top of my list of most anticipated for the summer!  I wouldn't doubt if one or both of these upcoming albums get a nod for album of the year.  Either way, I'll be in Best Buy to purchase both!  You Should too!

SlaughterHouse ft Swizz Beatz - Throw It Away |AUDIO|

Here is Slaughterhouse's last attempt at a strong single before the album drops sometime in August.  Swizz Beatz lends a hand on this one.  Check it Out!  I hear the Album is heat tho...