[VIDEO] Yung LA - We in this Thang

Friday, May 15, 2009

[VIDEO] Yound Dro Ft Yung LA - Take off

This Video finally dropped. I have to say I am impressed with it. I've seen pictures of it, but the final version is great. Gabriel Hart made an exceptional visual for this record.

[AUDIO] Drake ft. Nikki Minaj - Best I eva Had(rmx)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This remix is a good look for Young Money...and Yes, I know Im late wit posting this. I can't wait for the Official Remix wit...I ain't gonna spoil it...Let's just say the Big Dawgs is gonna be on the track. Let me catch Nicki Minaj in the street...lol
Drake ft. Nikki Minaj - Best I eva Had(rmx)

[AUDIO] Tyrese - Take me Away

OK, this is Tyrese New Single...It's mediocure to me. But I gotta give him some shine cuz 90% of the women I have talked to say we resemble each other....smh. I ain't complaining.

Tyrese - Take me Away

[AUDIO] Shonie Ft. Fabolous - Can't Let You Go (Slip& Slide/Def Jam New Signee!!)

Shout out CSR Promotions down in Orlando, FL

Shonie Ft. Fabolous - Can't Let you Go

[AUDIO] P.M.I. ft. Freeway - Da Hood Luv Me X Shawty Da Biz (SAVANNAH STAND UP!)

P.M.I. ft. Freeway - Da Hood Luv Me

P.M.I - Shawty Da Biz

[Track List] Freeway - Philadelphia Freeway 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 release, the third album from the Hip Hop superstar. With Philadelphia Freeway 2. Freeway created what is sure to be considered another classic. The buzz on the street is this will be one of the biggest selling independent albums of 2009. One of the many highlights of Philadelphia Freeway 2 is 'Hands Up, an anthem similar to 'What We Do', the biggest hit off the first Philadelphia Freeway album. Philadelphia Freeway 2 Is Freeway at his best, back to the Gritty Style that made him famous.
  1. Pay Attention
  2. Finally Free
  3. Gotz 2 Be Tha Bomb
  4. Hands Up
  5. Think About It
  6. Crack Rap
  7. Murda Muzic
  8. Around The World
  9. Streets Won’t Miss ‘em
  10. It’s a Good Day
  11. Keep Yo Hands Up
  12. Philly Freeze
Album drops May 19th

[VIDEO] Malice of the Clipse speaks! Real Talk!! (Pt. 3)

[AUDIO] Jae Millz - Mothers Day (I Love My Mom: The Anthem for the Day)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Shout out Jae Millz, Young Money/CashMoney, and illroots.com

Jae Millz - Mother's Day

[FREE DOWNLOAD] DJ Teknikz & Travis Porter - Im a Differenter (St8 Banger!!)

1. (00:00:38) Travis Porter - Spelling Bee
2. (00:04:14) Travis Porter - Uh Huh Ft. J Money
3. (00:02:29) Travis Porter - Loud
4. (00:03:23) Travis Porter - Career Day
5. (00:00:23) Travis Porter - Free 99
6. (00:04:17) Travis Porter - Black Boy White Boy
7. (00:03:39) Travis Porter - Baddest Bitch
8. (00:04:10) Travis Porter - Fucked In The Car
9. (00:02:59) Travis Porter - Knee Deep
10. (00:03:25) Travis Porter - Gives U Hell
11. (00:02:43) Travis Porter - Freakiest Girl
12. (00:03:43) Travis Porter - House Party
13. (00:04:11) Travis Porter - Gotta Go
14. (00:05:07) Travis Porter - Back Door Ft. The Joker
15. (00:03:32) Travis Porter - Spiffed Up
16. (00:03:26) Travis Porter - Stupid Adlibs
17. (00:03:16) Travis Porter - Cut Da Fool
18. (00:00:28) Travis Porter - Outro
19. (00:04:18) Travis Porter - Shot Me Down

DJ Teknikz & Travis Porter - Im a Differenter