Hellaflow And Corporate Thugz Ent Present Da Bigg Homie Screwww - As Real As It Gets (Hosted By Bigga Rankin) SAVANNAH STAND UP!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's been out for a week or so, but I was tryin to get the official "OK" from the big homie. I guess I ain't "official" yet. It's all good though. I'll still put on for my city. Hopefully, I'll get the head nod when "Da Georgia Plug" drops. FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW!!!

[01]-as real as it gets ft. bigga rankin [01:33]
(intro) - prod. by big hurt
[02]-blood sweat tears - prod. by frazier [02:16]
[03]-down for tha cause ft. bloodraw - [03:56]
prod. by ckp
[04]-me and my niggas - prod. by tigga [02:57]
[05]-nicknames ft. young jeezy - prod. by [02:05]
big phil
[06]-give me my props - prod. by ckp [03:02]
[07]-gettin in tha work ft. mp - prod. by [02:31]
big hurt
[08]-threw me off - prod. by tigga [03:15]
[09]-it was a blessin - prod. by k-mill [02:16]
[10]-ball game ft. bugga aka quartabird - [02:44]
prod. by big hurt
[11]-cherish - prod. by tigga [02:52]
[12]-buy in bulk - prod. by k-mill [03:15]
[13]-work it out - prod. by tigga [02:25]
[14]-og nigga - prod. by big hurt [02:39]
[15]-food chain ft. mila da babymama - [02:25]
prod. by tigga
[16]-so serious - prod. by k-mill [03:50]
[17]-streets fucked up - prod. by ckp [02:54]
[18]-tossin turnin [02:47]
[19]-wanna rob screwww - prod. by ckp [02:09]
[20]-me and my chick - prod. by tigga [03:09]
[21]-outro [00:49]
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