Machine Gun Kelly - Salute (OFFICIAL) |VIDEO|

Friday, January 14, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK or MGK is a 20 year old rapper from Cleveland, OH. He is most known for his rapid fire delivery. Many of his tracks are very emotional, drawing from some rough experiences in his past, although he has plenty of party tracks as well. Machine Gun Kelly’s unique sound and quick style of rapping makes him stick out in a genre that is experiencing a lot of repetitive sounds. After a strong 2010 you can expect more in the future. His first mixtape 100 Words and Running released back in February and is largely made up of flows over various industry beats. A few months later in July he released his second tape called Homecoming and his newest mixtape Lace Up Machine Gun Kelly is ready for the next level.Recently he met with Diddy. So expect 2011 to be a huge year for MGK, so be ready to hear a lot about him.