Jock "M.I.G" Migraine (Formerly of Crime Mob) - What's Up |AUDIO|

Monday, November 15, 2010

Growing up in the east Atlanta neighborhood of Ellenwood, southern rapper Jock “MIG” Migraine didn’t have a lot, but always had two things he could depend on: family and music. The sounds of classic R&B and old school hip-hop gave this former member of Crime Mob an early appreciation and understanding of music and inspired him to become an entertainer himself. After penning his first rhyme at the age of 15, writing came easily for MIG and it was at that point he learned to write and create songs that come from the heart and appeal to fans on a personal level. While continuing to write his own verses and develop as a performer, he went on to sell hundreds of thousands of records and gain notoriety as a member of one of the hottest groups to come out of Atlanta. As a solo artist, fans will come to know this rapper, songwriter, and producer as one who personally touches them through his music. Multiple genres are fused together to create a sound that radiates with any lover of today’s music. As he moves, they will too. The streets of Atlanta and his personal struggles and highlights in the music industry will come to life and become all too familiar to those who journey with him. With his first single as a solo artist, “Let Me In”, MIG makes his introduction as hip-hop’s newest torchbearer. His advice...expect the unexpected.